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Bespoke Personal Training London

Inspirit the essence within

Bespoke Personal Training London

Together we got this

Bespoke Personal Training London



One-to-one personal training

Delivered by RZ

Bespoke nutritional support

Designed to fit around a busy lifestyle

Achieve your fitness goals

Tailored to work with you

“When I started out I was overweight and had a poor outlook on food. Our training sessions have gone really well and I have lost two stones already, and plan to keep working with RZ. He’s very motivational and works at my pace, and is so friendly.”

Ricky J Philips (Civil Servant)

“RZ provided an incredibly professional experience. He is very personable and has realistic expectations, rather than setting goals you can’t accomplish. He is very positive and motivating and knows how to reward small milestones along the way to keep you going.”

Tanis Taylor (Academic)

“Highly Recommend. A true working professional who puts his clients first. He leads by example that of hardwork and dedication. I achieved my goal thanks to RZ Fitness+Wellbeing’s support and guidance. RZ will take you out of your comfort zone push you to the limit but will guarantee the results.”

Irfan Raja (Legal Automation Consultant)

Results Guaranteed

Our Packages



4 Bespoke Personal
Training Sessions

Offering expert training for the time poor, this package is ideal for those who are committed to training on their own but lack direction or have hit a plateau

Only £180




8 Bespoke Personal
Training Sessions

From lifestyle changes to physique improvements, RZ will tailor your programme every step of the way. You’ll receive full support that goes beyond the physical session. This is the ideal package for those wanting to get results whilst fitting training into a busy schedule

Only £320




12 Bespoke Personal
Training Sessions

Those with more specific goals may require more coaching time with RZ; from sports performance, muscle-gain and fat-loss; to improving movement and forming new habits. Those who commit to this more intensive package will achieve quicker results

Only £420


Each package includes

Bespoke training

After the inital consultation RZ will tailor each part of your programme to your specific goals

Tailored Nutrition

You’ll receive nutritional programming that is entirely bespoke to you and your lifestyle

360 Support

RZ will offer support that goes beyond the training session. Guidance for your non-training days, all round support will help you build better habits and maintain them

Goal Tracking

Continuous observation is crucial to making sure you get the most from your training. RZ will assess your progress through measurable means that specific to you and your goals.

Meet RZ

My name is Ridhwaan Zina but I’m generally known by my initials – RZ.

I work to provide and plan distinctive, purposeful personal training sessions for my clients. My passion and dedication for fitness are immense, and I like to lead by example, always with your goals and wellbeing in mind. In fact, nothing gives me more of a thrill than seeing you achieve what you’re aiming for.

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